label 12 13 is the logical extension of positive, revolutionary, experimental artists creating and releasing product in a way that doesn't contradict or sabotage conscious music. it is trying to connect means with end, and trying to get paid in the process. label 12 13 is an attempt to join the underground blitz (born from and instructed by independent hip-hop and d.i.y. punk) with a "son-of-hippie" business plan. we make good product with good karma and are going out on a limb with it; can an honest record become successful in an honest way? can rockers run a business?

hardly an original idea to artists and humans, conscientious business is an unconventional route (people remind us of this daily) and is inherently grassroots (we remind people of this daily). we have the goods and are on a very thorough path. if our records interest you, talk about them! you are our street team! arms is post-pop because we believe pop music is ready to evolve. label 12 13 is a record label because we believe the system ain't far behind. we love your cultures.

we respect your schools.

we reject your formula

contacting label 12 13

Drop us a line, ask a question, or put yourself on our mailing list by writing to us at label@1213.net

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